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I was born in July of 1969, but by the time I was 10 years old, I already knew that I enjoyed showing off, and being "on exhibit".  By my 20s, I was performing in adult videos and working as a "private entertainer."  I enjoyed it tremendously.  There was an endless fascination to it all, probably because I always found new ways to to both turn myself on and make money doing it.  By the time I was 30, I was still seeing clients, but I had grown tired of doing "regular" videos.  Little did I know how my life was about to change...


An article from "Unzipped Magazine" In June of 2000,  I happened to come across a website called "Monster Tube".  It appeared to be about a man who had ENORMOUS genitals.  At the same time, he was selling a vacuum pump that he designed himself.  I had never been into pumping, but the unusual size of his dick and balls kept me coming back to his site over and over again during the following days.  I joined his membership club, and was lucky enough to get in touch with the man himself, "Master E".  After telling him about my intense curiosity about the size of his genitals, he was kind enough to tell me that he had been injected repeatedly with silicone over the years.  I stayed in touch with Master E during the following months, and in August of 2000, I had my first silicone injections.



Over the years I've learned that there's an underground network of men who have also had silicone injections - some of them are HUGE!  (as you can see in this photo from "If These Balls Could Talk")  But I'm on my way to joining them.  I've taken my time and thought carefully about each injection session, but now, I'm ready to join the BIG BOYS!  Look out!

From The Video "If These Balls Could Talk"


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