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I'm contacted every day by people who are curious about silicone injections.  I've put together a list of my most frequently asked questions.  If you're interested in silicone, I think you'll find it to be helpful.

If you need more detailed information, I also offer telephone consultations.  Because of the number of inquiries I receive, I charge $20 per half-hour.  Click here to order a telephone consultation.  (If you prefer to pay with Paypal, my Paypal address is )  I'll receive your order immediately, and I'll contact you via e-mail to set up a time to talk.  (If you'd rather e-mail me at to set things up, that's fine too.)  I'll look forward to helping you with whatever goals you want to achieve.

Click here to place an order for a telephone consultation.

Here's a "before/after shot" from my first injection session.  I had 50cc injected into my dick, and 100cc into my scrotum.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silicone

1.  Why did you decide to get injected with silicone?

In the summer of 2000, I came across “Master E” on the internet His website has changed since I first found him, but you can still see his photos at www.monster-tube.com.  He had the largest dick and balls I had ever seen – they were almost comical in size.  Something struck me the moment I saw him, and I thought to myself, “Now that’s ridiculous!”  I soon learned that he had been injected with silicone, and that he was actually a “pioneer” in the world of silicone injections, so my next thought was, “Hmm…I think that’s something I want to do too!”  There was just something very beautifully freakish yet artistic about what he was sharing with the world, and I wanted to have that same life-altering experience. 

2.     How has it affected your ability to have sex and to ejaculate?  What does it feel like?

It really hasn’t changed much.  It’s certainly more difficult to penetrate, although that was never something that was very important to me anyway.  Sex is MUCH more psychologically stimulating for me now, and I think I’ll be happy even if I never penetrate again.  It’s also more difficult for anyone to suck my dick – it’s simply too large for that kind of activity.  I can’t say that I miss being sucked all that much.  The thrill of having a dick this size is plenty to compensate for that.  Much of my sexual excitement is in my mind.  I love sexual attention, and you can be sure that I get LOTS of it as soon as my underwear is removed.  As for my ability to ejaculate, that hasn’t changed at all, and orgasms still feel as wonderful as they always have.  I’m also still able to achieve an erection just as easily as before, but it’s a bit like having an erect dick surrounded by a marshmallow.  My erections are obvious, but they feel very soft and “spongy.”  The more silicone that is added, the “spongier” the erections will become.  It’s all very soft, but also very heavy.  My ballsac is a little bit cool to the touch, but otherwise, it all feels quite natural.  I’m often asked if I’ve lost any sensitivity, and my answer is always, “Definitely not!” 

3.     How do you find underwear or pants that fit?

Not a problem!  Well, okay, not a big problem!  Much of my underwear no longer fits very well.  Being this large has forced me to do a lot of experimenting with different types and brands of underwear.  I’m about as big as I can possibly get and still fit into “regular underwear” that you buy at the store.  I've already had some underwear custom-made for me, and that's a thrill in itself.  As for wearing pants, I just have to be aware that I’m going to have a prominent bulge in almost everything I wear for the rest of my life, but so far, I’m still able to fit into almost all of my pants.  Take a look at my friend Chris if you get a chance – you can see photos of him and his “Monsterballs” at my website, www.ExtremeCock.com.  Chris’s ballsac is over 20 inches in circumference and weighs about 5 pounds.  If Chris can find underwear and pants to wear, almost anybody can.

4.     How much silicone have you had injected?  How much does it weigh?  How big are you now and do you plan on becoming even bigger?

I’ve been injected six times.  As of this writing, I have 325cc of silicone in my penis and 300cc in my scrotum.  (One “cc” is equivalent to one milliliter.)  That’s about 12 ounces in my dick and 10 ounces in my ballsac.  Believe me, it’s heavy!  I’ve not been able to weigh it very accurately, but since silicone probably weighs a little more than water, I’d say I’ve had at least 2 pounds of silicone injected into my genitals.   I fully plan to become even bigger.  Take a look at My Silicone Heroes to get an idea of where I'm heading.

5.     What’s it like to live day-to-day with such huge genitals?

Three words:  I love it!  For me, being constantly aware of what’s between my legs is incredibly fun and exciting.  Sometimes I choose clothing that shows off the bulge, and other times I’m able to hide it fairly well, although sometimes when I think I’ve “hidden” it, I’ll notice people staring at my crotch.  I guess it wasn’t so well-hidden after all!  Once in a while it does become uncomfortable – some of the underwear I have just can’t hold it all – but even with the occasional discomfort, I never regret being this size.  I have had to make some adjustments in the way I sleep.  I love sleeping on my stomach, but it’s not quite as easy as it used to be.  And I often wake up when I roll over in bed – I’m not sure if I’ll ever adjust to this, or if I’ll always feel like it gets in the way when I roll over. 

6.     How long does it last?  Does your body eventually reabsorb the silicone?

It’s permanent.  Unlike most other substances that are injected into the body for enhancement such as saline, collagen, fat, or Alloderm, the body does not reabsorb silicone.  The more a person is injected, the more enhanced he will become.   

7.      Can you ever have the silicone removed?

Why would I want to do that?!  Seriously, though, if I did want to have it removed, it would be very difficult, and probably very painful.  There’s a good chance I would also be scarred for life.  Silicone cannot be “sucked out” – it adheres to the tissues inside our skin very tightly.  I’ve been told that in order to have it removed, the skin would have to be cut open, and the doctor would have to “scrape” the silicone from the inside of my skin.  It’s not something I would look forward to.  Therefore, I always make sure that anyone interested in silicone injections knows that for all practical purposes, this is a permanent enlargement/modification.   

8.     How is the silicone enlargement procedure performed?  Is it painful?

The entire procedure usually doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes.  The doctor numbs the injection area with lidocaine.  This can be a bit uncomfortable, but luckily he uses a very small needle.  Within a few minutes, the area is totally numb and the doctor can begin the enlargement procedure.  He injects the penis in 3 or 4 different places, making sure that the silicone is as evenly distributed as possible.  The scrotum is only injected twice – once on each side, usually at the base of the scrotum.  He then uses a surgical glue to seal the injection sites.  He places cotton on the injection sites and covers the areas with gauze.  It’s really a rather simple procedure.  I wouldn’t call it painful – just a little bit uncomfortable at times.   

9.     What is the after-care like?  Can you masturbate or have sex immediately afterward?

It’s very important to be gentle with it for the first week or so after being injected.  The silicone gets “set up” very quickly, but not immediately, so it’s important to avoid wearing tight clothing, or lying on top of it at night with it pressed against the mattress.  It could end up with a “dent” if it’s stuck in any odd formation for too long.  It’s also important to massage the silicone a little bit every day to make sure that it continues to remain evenly distributed.  Massaging the area can also inhibit the formation of silicone granuloma – small hard spots that can form because of the impurities that are a part of even the purest surgical-grade silicone.  The doctor suggests waiting for 5 days before attempting to have sex after being injected.  It’s rather tender for a few days anyway – believe me, I know!  It’s just best to wait. 

10.     Can the head of the dick be enlarged?  What about the testicles or other body parts?

Unfortunately, the head of the dick cannot be enlarged with silicone.  The testicles cannot be injected either – only the “free space” in the scrotum can be injected.  Many other body parts can, however:  lips, facial wrinkles, the chest, biceps, triceps - even the butt-cheeks can be enhanced with silicone.  I've had my lips injected with silicone, and I was pleasantly surprised to see them turn out so well.

11.     What are the health risks?  Are you still able to check yourself for testicular cancer?

I've done quite a bit of research on this issue, and as far as I know, there are really very few risks.  Yes, there are horror stories out there – especially associated with silicone breast implants for women.  However, it's important to know that the FDA officially stated that there was no conclusive evidence that silicone is dangerous.  The vast majority of men and women who have had silicone work have no problems.  Still, I always advise anyone interested in silicone injections to do your own research, and come to your own conclusions.  It’s your body, after all.  As for testicular cancer, luckily, it becomes less of a problem as a man gets older.  Still, there’s always a chance that it could develop.  With a small amount of silicone in the scrotum, there was little trouble in checking myself.  Now that I have a much greater amount, it’s very difficult to check my testicles for lumps or irregularities.  An ultrasound could be performed if there’s a concern, but since silicone is rather dense, that might not be a perfect solution.  Ultimately, I weighed the pros and cons of all of the possible health risks, and decided that I was comfortable with the odds. 

12.    What about hardening?  I’ve heard that silicone can become as hard as a rock?

Sadly, not everyone has a good experience with silicone injections.  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, but once in a while, I hear from someone who got injected and regrets it.  Occasionally, even with the best efforts to massage and take care of the work that’s been done, the silicone can become lumpy and hard.  Usually it doesn’t all turn to “stone,” but there are sometimes a few places where hardening does occur.  I’m still very happy with the way mine looks, but I do have a few hard spots here and there.  If you’re considering getting injected, please remember that the results can vary greatly from one person to another.  It’s not a perfect procedure; however, the vast majority of guys are satisfied with their results. 

13.     How much does it cost?

The doctor charges $150 per 50cc of silicone.  During my first injection session, I had 50cc injected into my dick, and 100cc injected into my scrotum.  Therefore, my total cost during the first visit was $450.  To enhance body parts other than the genitals, the doctor charges $100 per 50cc.  

14.   I’d love to get injected!  Who is your doctor and how do I make an appointment?

My doctor is a general surgeon for a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.  He performs the procedures in his private office.  When you’re truly ready to make appointment, just send me an email at and I’ll be happy to provide you with the doctor’s name and email address.  He usually asks for at least 2 weeks notice for new patients.   

15. I’m going for my first injection session – how much silicone should I get?

Generally, the doctor recommends starting with 50cc in the penis and 100cc in the scrotum.  That’s what I started with and I was very happy with that amount.  It definitely made a difference, but it wasn’t “too much.”  The doctor has seen hundreds of patients, and does a good job of helping guys determine how much they would really like during that first visit. 

16. Tijuana is just too far for me to travel.  Do you know other silicone doctors closer to my city?

There is a silicone practitioner in Great Britain (just outside of London), but other than him, my doctor in Tijuana is the only one I can recommend.  This is a rather “underground procedure” so you have to understand that most doctors will not inject silicone into the genitals, and in addition, they’ve never even heard that it can be done!  I can tell you that I know of several men who have traveled to Tijuana from as far as Europe and Australia to be injected, so if you did make the trip from far away, you wouldn’t be the first.

17.  Okay, I’m going to Tijuana.  What’s the most the doctor will inject at one time?

The doctor has told me that he will inject a maximum of 100cc in the penis and 300cc in the scrotum at one time.  That’s a lot of silicone!  He prefers to wait at least one month between injection sessions so that the skin has some time to stretch and adjust to the new size and weight, but if you’re coming from far away, I’m sure he’ll make an exception to that rule.  A couple guys I know from Europe have been injected every other day over a 7-day period.  They ended up HUGE in just one week! 

18.  Any last minute advice?

Just remember that you’re in good hands with the doctor.  He’s very experienced.  But also keep in mind that there can be quite a variation in the results from person to person.  A lot of guys tell the doctor that they want their dick to look exactly like mine.  This is simply not possible.  I’m flattered that so many guys want to look like me, but don’t forget, we were all born with unique body parts, and this procedure will only expand what you’ve already got.  For me, part of the adventure with each injection session is that I really don’t know how it will turn out.  But I understand that not everyone is quite as adventurous.  Chances are, you’ll love it.  I have a Yahoo Group for men interested in silicone.  You can find it at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/siliconemen.  It's always good to know that there are others who are going through same of the same things as you.  And one more thing:  Remember that silicone enhancement is ultimately a permanent body modification.  You can always add more if you want to make it bigger, but you can’t go back!

19.  I still have more questions.  Can you help me?

Sure.  Just email me at and we’ll set up a time to talk over the phone.  As I mentioned above, because I receive so many requests for information, I do charge $20 per half-hour to talk on the phone.  I’ll be very happy to help you out. 

Thank you for reading my list of frequently asked questions.  I hope you’ve found it both useful and enjoyable to read.


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